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Topics - Cert III Biblical studies and Theology 

101-1 The Power of the Word    

101-2 The Character of God     

101-3 Supernatural prayer               

101-4 Faith                                                  

101-5 Jesus and the Holy Spirit              

101-6 Finding your gifts and talents           

101-7 Hearing the voice of God                

101-8 New creation realities                      

201-1 Mark (The Gospel of)

201-2 Worship

201-3 Abundance

201-4 Apologetics

201-5 Chaos of the Cults

201-6 Marriage and Family

201-7 Thou Shall Prosper

201-8 Biblical Heroes of the Faith

201-9 Resurrection, Rapture and Judgement

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A total course requirement for accredited students to receive a Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology is to complete as competent eight (8) subjects to graduate.  If you are a non-accredited student the requirement is the same but you will receive a certificate in Christian Ministry and Theology.  If you complete an additional eight (8) subjects you will receive a diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology.  

As a non-accredited student you do not have to complete the five assessments to receive your certificate.

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Cert IV Topics - Biblical studies and Theology (Leadership & Facilitation skills)

IV4-1  Small group facilitation                                                         IV4-4  Public speaking

IV4-2  Christian leadership                                                             IV4-5  Developing the leaders around you

IV4-3  Introduction to Theology                                                       IV4-6  Developing the leader within you

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Coaching and team building skills for leaders and supervisors

Consider this;

If you find yourself supervising others, if you are responsible for getting results from the efforts of others, then you are in charge of a team. The team’s success depends on your ability to motivate, train, support, reward and give feedback. In short you lead people to achieve objectives; you need to come to or have one off these seminars for your organisation. 

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